Tuesday, 19 July 2011

hardware & Software:

 Hardware is an physical device that you are able to touch it is electronic device &  software is a collection of instructions and code installed into the computer and cannot be touched. For example, the computer monitor you are using to read this text on and the monitor you are using to navigate this web page is computer hardware. The internet browser that allowed you to visit this page and the operating system that the browser is running on is software.
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antivirus software

Today, the world is riding on computers. A world without computers is unimaginable, also not practical. From business organizations to restaurants, from educational institutions to shopping complexes, computers have become an essential and crucial machine. So the security of the computers is very much important. The use of internet and other computer activities make the protection of computers tough. Computer threats are common and a new type of computer coercion happens then and there. 

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Sunday, 17 July 2011


Now a days database software is hitting more in the market Medical,Accounting,Retail,Production database software which is necessary n every field.Database software is main purpose is to reduce work,time & management, because it keeps every record correct & accurate without paper in the system & it can be verified at any time.Today maximum most of the companies work on database Example: to maintain records of each employee,salaries,books,online business etc.It is used in both small scale & large scale industries which data is stored in database software.This data base is mainly made up of SQ L,ORACLE,JAVA,C,MS-ACESS etc,which is very important software's to build database.
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how to choose best animation software ?

If your are in interested in 3d animation/drawing you need to have good 3danimation software,With low price it should fit in your budget with high graphics,legal versions,daily/weekly/monthly updates should be present.Before  purchase use demo version for 30days & check whether its compatible & user friendly for you,with latest features.MAYA & 3DS max are the software's which commonly uses & before you start study regarding the 3Danimation/drawing.Practice is required a lot for the animation or drawing to get perfect because in this there is a lot of company placements.the main important thing is you should be updated because daily there are new features & techniques & short cut methods which makes easy to make fast to complete your work.
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